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Mad for Garlic signature dishes, namely Garlic Sizzling Rice, Garlicpeno Pasta, Garlic Steak and Garlic Snowing Pizza
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Garlic Themed Italian Restaurant in Singapore

Mad for Garlic is a garlic-themed, Italian Restaurant chain that originated in Korea in 2001. This unique concept was introduced to the Singapore market in 2010.

The restaurant offers Italian cuisine such as Pizza, Pasta, Rice, and Steak dishes with garlic as a key ingredient in all of its menu items. With the restaurant's special preparation method of minimising the pungent smell of the garlic, Mad for Garlic is able to serve up delicious garlic-infused menu items that even non-garlic lovers will be able to enjoy.

Since its opening in Suntec City, Mad for Garlic has been a popular dining destination for garlic lovers craving for unique and delectable, garlic-infused Italian dishes. Our signature menu items include Dracula Killer, Garlic Bread Tower, Garlic Snowing Pizza, Old fashioned Ham & Sausage Pizza, Garlicpeno Pasta, Red Devil, Garlic Sizzling Rice, Mushroom Risotto, Garlic Steak and Garlic Apple Crumble!

Mad for Garlic also serves a good selection of wines that complements our food items exceptional well. Besides wines, our unique Signature Ade such as Yuja Ade, Raspberry Ade, Read and White Berry Wine Cooler are also highly popular among our customers dining at Mad for Garlic.

At Mad for Garlic, the entire cooking process starts with raw materials in the kitchen of each branch to bring the freshest food to the table. In addition to providing fresh and quality ingredients, Mad for Garlic also incorporates healthy options in the cooking process by using seafood, olive oil and garlic so as to present to our valued guests with low-calorie dishes that are big on flavours and tastes.

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