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Garlic Bread Tower
Special bread tower filled with garlic puree
Garlic Quinoa Cobb Salad
Garlic Quinoa Cobb Salad with avocado, pearl mozzarella, butter bean, quinoa, tomato and cucumber. Served with chili dressing.
Garlic Snowing Pizza
Mad for Garlic's most popular menu item. Thin crust pizza spread with sweet white sauce and topped with generous portions of shrimp, pineapple dice and garlic flakes.
Tom Yum Pizza
Shrimp, mushroom, coriander and Garlic chip topped on Tom Yum flavored thin crispy dough.
Garlicpeno Pasta
Jalapeno, anchovy, crushed red pepper and fried garlic slice
Triple Garlic Seafood Pasta
Fresh mussel, shrimp, baby octopus, squid and red chili pepper swirling with garlic sprout.
Garlic Sizzling Rice
Fried rice with pickled garlic, bacon and flying fish roe served on a slizzling pan
Garlic Steak
MFG signature rib-eye steak with garlic served on a sizzling hot plate.
Garlic & Banana Nutella Pizza
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Garlic & Banana Nutella Pizza